Recording the Video of Windy Place

20151102_170028Once again I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to play a very special instrument which is currently for sale through Aaron Green’s Vintage Classical Guitars. While this is not a flamenco guitar, it is cypress with a very crisp sound and the action is set rather low – very low for my personal preference. So I was struggling a bit in this session to find the right piece that would show off both the guitar and me. After sometime working on Sor and Tárrega (coming later), I played a few chords of From the Windy Place, my first full length and through-composed piece. Then said, “Let the cameras role.” Most of what you hear here is the first take played straight through with two cameras rolling at once. Some reverb was added to enhance the sound of a fairly bright, though not terribly large room. Mics were two Schoepps omnis up close and a Neumann U87 on the room. From the Windy Place is on my first recording of original compositions: Frank Wallace: his own new works.

See the video on the video link tab or at Aaron Green’s YouTube channel. Thanks to Nancy Knowles, Emily Taub and Amber Martin for creating this video with me.

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