The Stubborn Oak
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The Stubborn Oak

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by Frank A. Wallace
three movements of medium to hard difficulty based on a Shaker song.
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“This is a very nice and evocative piece which certainly awakens our imagination.”

–Uros Dojcinovic, Soundboard, Winter 2003

Written: fall, 1998

Duration: 11 minutes; 8 pages

Instrumentation: classical guitar

Difficulty level: very difficult stretches and contrapuntal writing

Recording: Frank Wallace: his own new works by Frank Wallace on Gyre, 2000

Listen to Frank Wallace: his own new works at the Naxos Music Library. MP3s for “his own new works” are available at iTunes

I first became acquainted with Shaker music through the Quadrivium, a chorus in Boston led by charismatic teacher Marleen Montgomery. Shakers often danced to their simple tunes.

“I will not be like the stubborn oak, but I will be like the willow tree, I’ll bow and bend unto God’s will, and I will seek his mercy still.”
The original Shaker tune is presented both as a simple melody and as a three part chorale in the second movement. Prelude, Adagio and Chorale, Fugue.

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