Spring Symphony

Price: $24.95
by Frank A. Wallace
three movements for guitar quartet or orchestra in four equal parts; PARTS INCLUDED
Andante / Pesante / Allegro

Preview: a sample PDF of Spring Symphony for guitar orchestra

Duration: 13 minutes; 28 pages

Difficulty: Moderate; mostly single notes for guitars; some intricate rhythms

Instrumentation: four standard classical guitar parts (some divisi optional sections)

Written: October, 2014

Commissioned by: New Hampshire Music Educators Association; special thanks to John Zevos

World Premiere: January 10, 2015 by the first NH All-State Guitar Orchestra conducted by Scott Borg

All Gyre compositions are ASCAP.
Copyright ©2014 Frank A. Wallace
Cover photography and design by Nancy Knowles
All rights reserved.

These midi sound files are produced by Finale Garritan Personal Orchestra

Spring Symphony is a three movement work for guitar orchestra conceived of as a symphonic work for an advanced high school group. Symphonic is not a word associated with guitar, but I wanted to convey the richly detailed textures of the score and to encourage performers to think big and colorful. The piece was commissioned for the first New Hampshire All-State guitar orchestra by the NH Music Educators Association. NH is only the fifth state to have an All-State group for guitar – it was the brain-child of John Zevos, director of the Timberlane High School guitar program in Plaistow NH. John was a student of mine briefly about 20 years ago when he was getting his undergraduate degree at Plymouth St. College. He has been a great friend ever since and a model of energy and enthusiasm for his students and me alike.

It was a great honor that John asked me to write this piece for the first ever performance by a group of all-state guitar students. I wanted the event to be joyous and festive and so I hope the work conveys those feelings. My working title was “Fall Symphony,” simply since I was writing it in the fall – but on completion I realized that the opposite season symbolizes the emotions and grandeur of the piece, as well as the promise of youth.

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