Spotlight One

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an occasional sampler showcasing recent work, unpublished recordings or fine guitars

Spotlight One Frank Wallace, composer: Songs in Spanish
with Nancy Knowles, mezzo-soprano; Nury Ulate, flute; David Mozqueda and Frank Wallace, guitars

Recorded: August, 2011

Lyrics: poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca, Nancy Knowles

Language: Spanish

Duration: 25’50” minutes

Instrumentation: flute, mezzo-soprano, guitar I, guitar II

All Gyre compositions are ASCAP

Spotlight One features three songs in Spanish by Frank Wallace along with a solo guitar piece that was inspired by a poem by Pablo Neruda. Epitafio is heard here in its first recording done in Toluca Mexico by fabulous musician Pablo Garibay. See the video Pablo made about making this recording below. The other pieces are from earlier Gyre recordings as noted.

from The Great Deep
2007 Mi Jardín de Calla (Nancy Knowles)
for mezzo-soprano, guitar
Nancy Knowles, mezzo-soprano, Frank Wallace, guitar

2010 Ovejita (Federico García Lorca)
for mezzo-soprano, guitar
Nancy Knowles, mezzo-soprano, Frank Wallace, guitar

Premiere recording
2010 Epitafio a un Pájaro (Federico García Lorca)
for flute, mezzo-soprano, two guitars
Nancy Knowles, mezzo-soprano, NuryUlate, flute, David Mozqueda, Frank Wallace, guitars

from Woman of the Water
2003 Débil del Alba
for guitar solo
Frank Wallace, guitar

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The Spotlight Series is intended to provide our customers with some short samples of different aspects of our work. Some will focus on the instrument (one of historical significance, for example), others on the style, yet others will be releases of “incomplete” CDs or recordings that never found a home on a larger CD program.

Gyre Spotlight One - Frank Wallace Spanish songs

Click here to view Gyre Spotlight One Texts and Translations as well as the back of the CD.

Epitafio a un Pájaro was recorded August 10, 2011 by Pablo Garibay at the Rancho San Miguel Zacango in Toluca, Mexico. Its debut was March 25, 2011 in Concord NH with flutist Jennifer Yeaton-Parris and guitarist José Lezcano. All other pieces were recorded by Frank Wallace at the Hillsborough Center NH Congregational Church. We are grateful to the New Hampshire Council on the Arts, Rancho San Miguel Zacango, Cuerdas y Canto Festival, David Blair and Mose Olenik of the Mariposa Museum and the many private donors who made possible the debut of Epitafio and this recording. And as always, we thank the members of the Hillsborough Center NH Congregational Church for their ongoing support of our work.

CD cover: metal sculpture by Adam Wallace, photography/design by Nancy Knowles
© 2011 Gyre Music all rights reserved

Copyright ©2011 Frank A. Wallace
Cover photography and design by Nancy Knowles
All rights reserved.