Sketches I PDF
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Sketches I PDF

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Sketches Book I
by Frank A. Wallace

thirty pieces of easy to moderate difficulty for solo guitar; FLAC download of Sketches Book I and Book II recorded by the composer; choose add to cart button to the right

Preview: a PDF sample of Sketches I, includes 6 free pieces.

Written: 1997

Duration: 30 minutes; 21 pages

Instrumentation: classical guitar

Difficulty level: easy; first – second year students

Recording: available with book purchase; performance by the composer

Gyre Publications
Copyright ©1997 Frank A. Wallace
Cover photography and design by Nancy Knowles
All rights reserved.

Thirty pieces of easy to moderate difficulty for solo guitar. Most are 1/2 to a full page long and are intended as evocative, colorful additions to a more rigorous collection of progressive pieces. Teaches techniques such as portamento, rest stroke with the thumb, simple one-string melodies with open string accompaniment, etc. It is my intention in these works to catch a moment, an inspiration, a breath, a character, to create a moment for my students and friends to enjoy. What more can we do? They are not strictly pedagogical, but are intended for the intermediate student to have technically easy access to a musical goal.