Six Prayers for Six Strings
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Six Prayers for Six Strings

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by Frank A. Wallace
six melodic meditations for solo guitar

Written: August, 2001

Duration: 10:30 minutes; 7 pages

Instrumentation: classical guitar

Difficulty level: Moderate

World premiere: unknown

Recording: Sketches by Frank Wallace on Gyre, 09/04

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This video by my son Adam Wallace uses my playing of Prayer #3, Reverence, to accompany his gorgeous photos of the High Line in New York City.

the high line from Adam Wallace on Vimeo.

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Each piece in this collection explores the melodic potential of a single string with the intent of teaching the art of singing on the guitar. Of my single string studies, Six Prayers on Six Strings is the third and most advanced set. See Sketches I and Sketches II for the other sets.

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