Random Act
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Random Act

Price: $8.95
by Frank Wallace
for cello or viola with guitar; a romantic melody in a lush modal texture; ALL PARTS INCLUDED

Written for: Kerena and Paul Moeller; fall, 2006

Duration: 6 minutes; 6 pages

Difficulty level: Moderate guitar part; extended range for cello

Instrumentation: cello or viola, guitar

World premiere: cellist Pei-Chieh Chang with guitarist Steve Lin, April 20, 2007, Boston Classical Guitar Society at Old South Church

Preview: a sample PDF of Random Act, cello

REVIEW: Soundboard 2010
“Each piece composed by Frank Wallace that I have had the opportunity to see has been a joy. So, once more, I can confirm the same opinion: this nice, short chamber composition for cello and guitar is, in many ways, perfectly balanced. Its general structure, its musical language, its treatment of both instruments, and so on, show a very stable and skillful author. Furthermore, I am very happy to find, throughout his music, that he seems to be one of those guitar music creators who really has something new to say. Cello and guitar are a very nice chamber combination, and unfortunately not so much explored as is the case with guitar and violin, flute, or voice. So this Random Act in D minor is a more-than-welcome piece to the general cello-guitar oeuvre. Also, the music for both instruments is easily interpreted, with no need for any special gymnastics.”
Uros Dojcinovic, SOUNDBOARD, Vol. XXXVI, No. 4, 2010, page 100

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