Piva CD

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Duo LiveOak
Renaissance Songs of Spain and Italy
Nancy Knowles, soprano
Frank Wallace, lute, vihuelas de mano, baritone
Works of Tromboncino, Dalza, Francesco, Verdelotto, Arcadelt, Daza, Fuenllana/Flecha, anonymous Spanish

lute by Hirotaka Watanabe, Tokyo, 1997
vihuela de mano by Joel van Lennep, Rindge NH 1990
lute in D by Larry Brown, Ashland, NC 1987
vihuela de mano in E by Nico van der Waals, Holland 1986

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Released April 2002

Many of these songs are original intabulations (arrangements) by Frank Wallace and can be purchased in versions for vihuela (lute) or guitar on this site: Cancionero Nuevo.

Gyre Publications
Copyright ©2007 Frank A. Wallace
Cover photography and design by Nancy Knowles
All rights reserved.

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Many of these songs are original intabulations (arrangements) by Frank Wallace and can be purchased in versions for vihuela (lute) or guitar on this site: Cancionero Nuevo.

01  Llaman a Teresica anon. 1:37
02  Teresica hermana Flecha/Fuenllana 1:57
03  Tan buen ganadico Juan del Encina 1:28
04  Como está sola Juan Ponce 1:46
05  Si d’amor pena sentís anon. 4:25
06  Fantasia 84 Francesco da Milano 1:09
07  De la vida anon. 2:29
08  Ricercar 11 Francesco 1:45
09  Tous les regretz Pierre de la Rue 8:39
10  Tastar de corde Joan Ambrosio Dalza 1:31
11  Per dolor Bartolomeo Tromboncino 4:36
12  Tastar de corde Dalza 1:17
13  Se me grato Lupus 2:39
14  Recercar dietro/Quasi sempre/Piva Dalza/Tromboncino/Dalza 4:44
15  Ostinato vo seguire Tromboncino 2:30
16  Tastar de corde Dalza 0:36
17  Si liet e grata morte Philippe Verdelot 2:56
18  Tastar de corde Dalza 0:49
19  Vita della vita mia Verdelot 2:01
20  Il bianco e dolce Arcadeldt 2:00
21  Fantasia 81 Francesco//Gloriar /Verdelot 2:57
22  Fantasia 17 Francesco 2:25
23  Madonna qual certezza Verdelot 2:19
24  Benche’l misero cor Verdelot 1:36
25  Recercar 8 Francesco 2:29

Total Time: 62:45

“…a captivating performance by Duo LiveOak…They are a very endearing and multi-talented duo. Nancy Knowles projects a warm, friendly personality to the audience and has a beautiful voice particularly suited to their repertoire–and in addition to that, she is a fine poet as well. Frank Wallace is a very confident, capable performer, at home equally on the lute and guitar; he is a sensitive musician and composer and a good baritone as well. In this performance, their ensemble was very tight.”    – Mark Switzer, Soundboard

“Implicit in the lute song repertoire is an intimacy of performance and a personal striving to reach out to the listener. In this well-chosen program Nancy Knowles and Frank Wallace give the listener a pleasing privacy of expression that is touching and eloquent. This is easier said than done, for the music’s spareness masks the demands made on the musicians… This music must, of course, be clearly articulated and have rhythmic shape, but it suffers if it is too angular and punctuated. Knowles and Wallace, who have performed together since 1976, use a subtle range of attack, decay, and articulation that is immediately attractive and yields depth on repeated hearings… The program is extremely well sequenced, beginning with the Spanish pieces and ending with a very beautiful group of five Verdelot settings interweaved with lute pieces by Francesca da Milano…”   – Catherine Moore, American Record Guide