Oración, Jan Bartlema CD
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Oración, Jan Bartlema CD

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Jan Bartlema plays
Cordero, Westerheide, Stopler, van der Staak, Kruisbrink, Barrios, Bartlema, Ourkouzounov and Wallace

Gyre Music is pleased to offer this beautiful CD by Dutch guitarist Jan Bartlema which includes the first recording of Wallace’s Cunctipotens Genitor

“…a masterclass in musical presentation…high quality writing.”
— Classical Guitar, April, 2013

Released: Jan 2012, by Daminus Records, Dam 998 CD

Guitar: Stefan Roessler

01: Ernesto Cordero El Carbonerito – 7:37
02: Reinhold Westerheide Mistral – 3:36
03: Emiel Stöpler Luminescence # / * – 4:44
04: Pieter van der Staak Thème, Variations et Finale – * 8:25
05: Pieter van der Staak Tombeau * – 3:10
06: Annette Kruisbrink Tendresse * – 3:00
07: Agustin Barrios Gavota al Estilo Antiguo – 2:15
08: Agustin Barrios Oracion para todos – 3:11
09-11: Jan Bartlema Trois Prières * – 10:42
12: Atanas Ourkouzounov Berceuse * – 4:01
13: Atanas Ourkouzounov Caprice on an Orthodox Chant # / * 4:52
14: Frank Wallace Cunctipotens Genitor * – 9:08

Total Time: 66:06
# dedicated to Jan Bartlema
* first recording

I met Jan only one year ago through mutual friends Mark and Beverly Davis and Daminus owner Norbert Dams. Jan spent a very cold January night at our house and then we “returned the favor” last June – only we stayed most of a week! Unfortunately Nancy’s back “went out” after there only a day and she could not move for several. Jan and Peta were so gracious to let us stay. Fortunately, I had more time to show Jan my music and he immediately fell in love with Cunctipotens, a perfect fit for the CD he was planning, as I fell in love with his playing. The CD is an essay in passion. Jan is a gifted musician who puts his heart and soul into every piece. I found the programming to be unusually compelling. It starts with several lighter works based on folk music, then moves towards deeper and deeper sentiments. With the exception of two Barrios pieces, the compositions were all written in the last few decades. Ironically, as the spiritual content becomes more profound and indeed is finally based on ancient chant, we have the most recent compositions.

Three cheers to Norbert Dams for producing a lovely clear and full sound for the spectacular Stefan Rossler guitar and Jan’s powerful and colorful tone.

This is the first 2 minutes of Jan Bartlema’s recording of Cunctipotens Genitor. The work alternates between the chant, a medieval rendition in two parts and my own layering of counterpoint, key changes and instrumental excursions as the piece builds. Sheet music available here on www.gyremusic.com; recording is on Daminus records.

Review: “…The playing is exemplary; Bartlema’s enviable and seemingly effortless technical facility around the fingerboard allowing him the luxury of phrasing and interpreting the music exactly how he perceives it and the end result is a masterclass in musical presentation…The quality of this programme adds a further notch on the ‘excellent’ stakes of this disc for there is no single piece in this list, which lets the side down, all being of such high quality writing.” Classical Guitar, April, 2013