Mi Jardín de Calla (solo)

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by Frank A. Wallace
for medium voice and guitar, op. 48a
Please see the orchestral version for flute, cello, four guitars and two singers

Lyrics: poetry in Spanish by Nancy Knowles

Written: winter, 2007

Duration: 5:00

World premiere: April 20, 2007

Recording: The Great Deep by Duo LiveOak on Gyre

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On April 20, 2007 the Boston Classical Guitar Society presented “The Music of Frank Wallace”. The concluding piece featured Frank Wallace conducting cellist Pei-Chieh Chang, flutist Bridget Kazukiewicz, mezzo-sopranos Nancy Knowles and Thea Lobo and guitarists Robert Ward, Sharon Wayne, David Newsam and Steve Marchena of The Back Bay Guitar Trio, and from the Boston Guitar Project Dan Acsadi, Steve Lin and Jon Yerby.

Mi Jardín de Calla was written in the winter of 2007 as a solo song for voice and guitar for David Newsam, director of the Boston Classical Guitar Society, to be performed in the spring of 2007 on an evening of “The Music of Frank Wallace”. As concert plans progressed, Wallace took the opportunity to use all 12 performers and scored the piece for the evening.

Wallace’s partner Nancy Knowles wrote the poem when they were on tour in Peru in the summer of 2005. The poem describes a beautiful “cloisters” in the center of Arequipa where the gentle breezes easily whisper through the open hallways and salons. Click here to see Knowles’ beautiful photographic essay from that tour, Mi Jardín de Calla.

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Cover photography and design by Nancy Knowles
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Spanish and English version by Nancy Knowles

A través de
cuantos siglos
cuantas amenazas
miles de corredores
salas e iglesias
cuartos vacíos
donde transcurre el aire
los gritos ya lejanos:
mi jardín de calla.

how many centuries
how many threats
thousands of corridors
halls and churches
empty rooms
where runs the air
the cries now from afar:
my garden of calm.