like black snow (trio)

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by Frank A. Wallace
four songs for alto voice, clarinet and guitar, op. 70b
PARTS INCLUDED; see original voice and guitar version here, like black snow (duo); also in a version for or liuto cantabile in place of clarinet – please write for information.

Preview: a sample PDF of like black snow – trio

Duration: 11:20 minutes; 15 pages

Instrumentation: alto voice, clarinet and guitar

Difficulty level: medium

Written: August 11-15, 2012, Lauda/Würzburg, Germany for Roland Seiler and expanded and arranged for the Asteria Ensemble in Antrim, NH, August 1-5, 2013

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An English horn represents the voice in this Finale / Garritan midi rendition; clarinet is the middle part because it sounds so much better in midi than a mandola!

Composed August 11-15, 2012 in Lauda and Würzburg, Germany, and arranged and expanded in August 2013 for the Asteria Ensemble of Holland, like black snow is a short song cycle with interludes. The original three poems by my son Nathan G. Wallace (Gus), have adorned our refrigerator since he composed them with “fridge magnets” several years ago. Given that I accompany myself as a singer, these poems begged me to try a form that I had never used. Each poem is preceded by a lengthy introduction, virtually a guitar solo in between each song. After Gus heard my first rendition with clarinet representing the voice in a midi file, he was inspired to write a fourth poem with the request that it include a clarinet part with the voice.

Ferdinand Binnendijk on the Liuto cantabile

Ferdinand Binnendijk of
Ensemble Asteria
on the Liuto cantabile

It was not until I heard the new CD of Ensemble Asteria that I decided to complete the project for them. So the clarinet became a liuto cantablile and the full form became four songs with liuto or clarinet and guitar accompaniments. Both versions were created simultaneously, but sbsequent revisions have only been done for clarinet, please write if you wish to see the liuto version.

Gyre Publications
Copyright ©2012 Frank A. Wallace
Cover photography and design by Nancy Knowles
All rights reserved.

sad he shivers
like black snow
watch plant and flower
come to life
this I always know

stand child
fly before morning
wander above the wood
happy wild cry
but every sound is dead
don’t ask how

the night a smile
purple water
I fall small
look moon a cloud

cold tendrils thrive
after ancient dusk
quiet and lonely sanctuary
beneath dark sun
I wander through
the deep

– Nathan G. Wallace