How Fragile She Is

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by Frank A. Wallace
ten songs for soprano, baritone and guitar, op. 33
A musical celebration of and prayer for our small planet.

Lyrics:  Nancy Knowles and Frank Wallace

Written:  May 2005

Duration:  28:00 minutes, 36 pages

Instrumentation:  soprano, baritone and guitar

World premiere:  May 21, 2005 for Clean Power Now on Cape Cod by Duo LiveOak

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Perhaps the duo’s most important creative collaboration to date, it is set to an alternating  poems by Wallace and Nancy Knowles. The theme is the fragility of our precious and only Earth, with the moon being an important symbol of its feminine side. This is the title song, a poem by Frank Wallace:

Silver threads
hold the moon,
Silly little arachnyl ligaments,
in space,
Where no one knows
how fragile she is.

How long will she shine?
Who will catch her
when she falls?
Will the web-weavers
wander on?
Do you have eight legs?

The cycle is dedicated to Jane Goodall and her untiring work to protect all life on earth. The Jane Goodall Institute is a global nonprofit that “empowers people to make a difference for all living things. We are creating healthy ecosystems, promoting sustainable livelihoods and nurturing new generations of committed, active citizens around the world.”

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How Fragile She Is (2004)
by Frank Wallace
a song cycle for soprano, baritone and guitar

The Circle Nancy Knowles
Song Knowles
New Moon Frank Wallace
Morning Wind Knowles
Half Moon Wallace
Full Moon Wallace
Silent Secret Knowles
From the Air Wallace
Full Sun Wallace
You’re on Earth, Kid Knowles

Download the complete poems and notes of How fragile she is – poems and notes