Frank Wallace his own new works CD
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Frank Wallace his own new works CD

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Frank Wallace, classical guitar
his own new works, vol. 1

Released: July 2000

Guitar by: Ignacio Fleta, 1964

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All compositions by: Frank Wallace, ASCAP

Gyre Publications
Copyright ©2000 Frank A. Wallace
Cover photography by Elsa Voelcker, design by Nancy Knowles
All rights reserved.

All compositions ASCAP, © Frank A. Wallace, except The Stubborn Oak, Tuscany Publications, BMI, are available for purchase here on Gyre.

From the Windy Place
01  The pilgrim’s road 2:57
02  Sand and sky 2:16
03  In the shadow of the church/The Gift 3:08

from Sketches
04  Etude 7 0:53

The Stubborn Oak
05  Prelude 2:25
06  Adagio & Chorale 5:27
07  Fugue 3:31

from Sketches
08  Prelude 1 0:42
09  Prelude 4 1:22

Sweet Ladyslipper
10  Prelude 7:14
11  Pavane for a Dying Prince 3:37
12  Complainte 3:45
13  Estampie 4:04
14  Cantiga 2:47
15  Zar 2:36

16  Prelude and Fantasy 4:21
17  Rhapsody 4:21
18  Meditation (Prelude 3) 2:58
19  Blues Too 1:59
20  Suite Blues 3:53

Total time 64:26

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Critical Review
The breadth of his musical activity recalls an earlier age, when a complete musician engaged in a broad range of creative activities as a matter of course. The works are melodically attractive and rhythmically exuberant… His playing is solid and expressive, with a commitment to every phrase…Wallace’s music is exciting, unpredictable, and fresh, as in the “Prelude and Fantasy” from Quadrangle. In its more introspective moments it can also be quite touching, as in several of the slow movements…Guitarists will be interested to hear these pieces, and they will certainly appeal to a broad listening public.
– Steven Rings, American Record Guide

Critical Review
This recording of original compositions was written and played by Frank Wallace, who is an outstanding guitarist… He plays with authority, exhibits a great deal of acoustic presence, and offers clear, uncompromising musical ideas. His sound is simply wonderful… the tone of the guitar is luxurious…Not only is the guitar playing very good, but the repertoire presented is listenable and worth performing.
– Stephen Waechter, Soundboard

Critical Review
A former professor of classical guitar at the New England Conservatory, Frank Wallace is a New Hampshire-based guitarist and vocalist who [performs with Duo LiveOak]. His own guitar music is crafted with idiomatic skill and sensitivity, abetted by his keen ear for textural variety. The modern Spanish guitar school informs the aggressive flamenco-like strumming in the “Rhapsody” movement of Quadrangle and the three-movement Stubborn Oak. By contrast, spacious chant and glimpses of blues imbue From the Windy Place, while the five-movement Sweet Ladyslipper ventures out into more elaborate rhythmic terrain. Listen for instance to the concluding Zar movement, which almost sounds like a snippet from early Yes, or perhaps an E-minor Grateful Dead jam. Jazz-oriented modality influences Quadrangle’s four movements–the first one suggests Larry Coryell and John Dowland in jubilant dialogue… the composer’s elegant virtuosity and Gyre’s gorgeous sonics help ensure a pleasant and comfortable 64-minute listening experience.
– Jed Distler,