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by Frank A. Wallace
for piano and guitar

Dedicated to: Heather MacLaughlin and Alan Johnston

Written: Dec., 2011

Duration: 8 minutes; 11 pages

Difficulty level: Advanced, but not virtuosic

Instrumentation: piano and guitar

World premiere: April 15, 2014 at the MacPhail Center for Music in Minneappolis by Heather MacLaughlin and Alan Johnston

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Fraktured is dedicated to all of us who have suffered a fracture from our normal lives: physical or mental illness, a sudden loss, a loved one who disappears for a short time or forever, the loss of a job or a way of life, even the natural passing of parents or a beloved pet. We all pass through moments of torment, of not-knowing. We experience pain at times, and a monotonous dullness at other times. Fraktured is a single movement work that passes through all these emotions.

Alan Heather - Fraktured debut
Gyre Publications
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