Anthology for Voice and Guitar
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Anthology for Voice and Guitar

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by Frank A. Wallace
anthology of fifteen selections from six different song-cycles (2001 to 2005); includes two duets for mezzo-soprano and baritone

Duration: 30 pages

Instrumentation: voice and guitar

Preview: a sample PDF of Anthology of Wallace songs

from Speak Love 2005
I. Were I – Henriette de Saussure Blanding
II. What Light – Henriette de Saussure Blanding

from Syzygy 2003
III. Afterglow – Nancy Knowles
IV. Mon Compain – Nancy Knowles

from Father Said: (2003)

lyrics by Frank C. Wallace
V. The Cage
VI. The River
VII. Climbing Cliffs
VIII. The Taste
IX. Pungent Odor
X. Shade
XI. Dusk

from How Fragile She Is 2004

XII. New Moon – Frank A. Wallace
XIII. Hidden Seeds – Nancy Knowles

from A Single Veil 2001
XIV. Love Comes Quietly – Robert Creeley

from Bestiary 2001
XV. The Lady and the Bear – Theodore Roethke

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