Fünf Kleine Stücke $6.95
solo guitar
Fünf Kleine Stücke
String Songs $34.95
string quartet and guitar
String Songs
Song Without Words $1.95
voice and guitar
Song Without Words
Clusters 6.95
solo guitar
Enfin $14.95
guitar and percussion
Enfin, for percussion and guitar
So to Serenade $9.95
flute and guitar
So to Serenade
Tom-tom, pourquoi? $8.95
percussion, voices, guitar
Tom-tom, Pourquoi?
The Whirling $8.95
viola, guitar
The Whirling
Cry Among the Clouds $6.95
solo guitar
Cry Among the Clouds
A World not so Round $18.95
guitar quartet
A World Not So Round
Shadow of the Sun $6.95
solo guitar
Shadow of the Sun
Changes Upon the Guitar $16.95
violin, viola, 7 guitars
Changes Upon the Guitar
A Wisp in the Dark $4.95
solo guitar
A Wisp in the Dark
A Tune Beyond $9.95
violin, viola, guitar
A Tune Beyond
Suite Hartt $10.95
three guitar solos
Suite Hartt
Spring Symphony $19.95
guitar orchestra
Spring Symphony
Summer Sundays Concerts
Summer Sunday Concerts 2014
Black Falcon $8.95
solo guitar
Black Falcon
A Season of Light $12.95
solo guitar
A Season of Light