Nina Krebs, on hearing Omaggio, Gyre CD by Frank Wallace

Gyre 2 by Nina Krebs“Gyres” by Nina Krebs [click on photo to see more] –

I met Nina at the Long Island Guitar Festival two years ago. She’s an artist, a fan, and a lover of all things beautiful. Nina posted several new drawings recently and I had to grab them since each is full of gyres – the circular squiggles. She also wrote me a beautiful response on hearing my new CD a couple of weeks ago and I suggested she fill it out a bit and post as a “review”. So here it is…

Everything about this work of art is beautiful: the lush multi-layered painting on the cover, the sensuous photo of the Hauser inside, the love letter to your mentors, the recorded sound quality, the music and humanity. The music is exquisite; a selection of works that were dear to the iconic guitarist Andrés Segovia as well as a dramatic set of variations on the famous tune Noi de la Mare. Called Dreams on a Lullaby, Wallace’s own composition is perfect for inclusion.

OMAGGIO sat on my desk for a few days, and I enjoyed looking at the cover. Last night I opened it and played it straight through. I was transfixed – did not move. That was not my intention, but I couldn’t tear myself away, and when it ended I hoped for more. Only listen to this work if you have time to devote to cascades of notes, cadences and accents so delicately placed you might miss them if you breathe.

The music flows from its creators through the magic fingers of Frank Wallace. His soul is in the music, and he is unembarrassed by that vulnerability.  The artist’s attention to detail is a gift, one which allows the listener to completely surrender to the performance. The clarity of the playing, the trills and runs that tumble and fall with grace and resonance, carry the music forward intentionally. The Hauser guitar, with its intricate history and depth of soul, embraces the history of music, and hopefully the future.

OMAGGIO coalesces a particular repertoire, a history-laden instrument resonant beyond belief, and an artist who loves it all and pours his musicality as well as exquisite technique and attention into this work. The CD is presented artfully; Nancy Knowles’ cover painting is a perfect touch along with photographs and liner notes that highlight a spare conceptual homage to a particular history of classical guitar music.

The depth of Wallace’s knowledge, commitment and experience shimmer through the sound. Sometimes perfectionism pays, and this is one of those times. In addition to my pure pleasure in listening to the music I find inspiration to push for my best in the work I’m doing now. Thank you. Congratulations on a fine contribution to world art. – Nina Krebs, 1/16/17

Purchase you copy or link to downloads here: BUY OMAGGIO

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