Film Scores Summer Video Contest

Make a video using one of Frank Wallace’s newest pieces from the collection Film Scores and win a new composition from the composer. Start by downloading Film Scores for free with the promo code MOVIE.

Record one or more of the ten short preludes that comprise Film Scores, then make a video with it and post on YouTube and/or Vimeo anytime in August, 2015. The video can be a creative collaboration or a straight up performance, you choose. On Labor Day, September 7, 2015 the video with the most views, most time watched and best judgement from the composer will win a new composition by Frank Wallace. At the composers discretion, depending on number of participants and overall quality of the competition, 2nd and 3rd place winners may also receive shorter compositions. Go to and order the music as a PDF download; type MOVIE in the Promotion Code box and download the music for free. You will need to fill in all personal information in the process. The Code applies to PDF download only. Learn any one of the pieces, or more, and make your video.


  1. 1st Place: a new composition by Frank A. Wallace; $200 gift certificate toward purchase of any products on; 3 Skype or in-person lessons
  2. 2nd Place: $150 gift certificate toward purchase of any products on; 2 Skype or in-person lessons
  3. 3rd Place: $75 gift certificate toward purchase of any products on; 1 Skype or in-person lesson

Rules of the competition

  • 1. Judging will be done on a ranking system. Four categories will be used: total views, total time watched, a subjective judgement of the composer on musical performance and sound production quality, and lastly overall creativity of the video. Participants will be ranked in each category with the highest total winning.
  • 2. Winner will receive a composition from Frank Wallace within one year, length and difficulty to be determined by the winner’s abilities and general level of the competition; other prizes will be available with the announcement of winners
  • 3. Register for the competition by downloading the music at; then when ready, notify that you have posted a video by sending a link to it
  • 4. Videos may be posted at anytime in August 2015, but not before August 1.
  • 5. You may post on more than one platform, statistics can be combined
  • 6. Relevant production and performance information MUST be included in the Description box on YouTube: include all parties involved in production and performance, and name of the work followed by “by Frank A. Wallace, published by
  • 7. All video links received will be posted on Gyre’s blog and Facebook page as received
  • 8. Collaborations with film makers, editors, storytellers, actors, artists, etc. are encouraged; you may make a video of the performance itself or use the music as background for a video; film a story, a scene, a performance, a poetry reading or make a slide show, anything you want. Creativity of production as well as performance quality will be judged by the composer
  • 9. Your recording may be edited and mastered
  • 10. You may include more than one song from Film Scores or any other Frank Wallace Gyre composition in the video
  • 11. You may embellish or arrange the works, but must include at least some of the original solo guitar score
  • 12. All data for videos must be sent to on September 7, 2015, midnight at the latest, EST. Include Total views, Total time watched, a link and comments if you wish.
  • 13. Length is not important, though longer videos may have some advantage in total time watched
  • 14. Your email will automatically be included on future email promotions from Gyre Music – you may opt out at any time after the competition.
  • 15. Encourage your friends to watch and share your video on all social media platforms, anything goes to get the most hits.
  • 16. All music remains in the ownership of the composer and Gyre Music

DOWNLOAD RULES – Film Scores Video Contest

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