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like black snow in Holland

Sunday 15 October 2017 | 15.00
Singelzaal, Mariënhof, Kleine Haag 2, Amersfoort
With clarinetist Levan Tskhadadze
Izhar Elias on guitar
and soprano Henriette Feith

Schubert- Schumann – Kancheli – Wallace – Vaughan Williams – Giuliani – Bassi – Palomo – Rodrigo

I am thrilled that this fine group of musicians will perform my trio like black snow in their coming concert. Levan and Izhar will also be doing the piece in Germany with another soprano.

I wrote a set of three short songs in Germany in the summer of 2012 on poems that my son wrote. He was moved by the sound and wrote a fourth poem, from which I immediately wrote a fourth song and added clarinet – subsequently I added clarinet to the entire set.

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