WELCOME to the online store of the music label GYRE, founded in 2000, specializing in new works for classical guitar (solo, song, and chamber music).  Gyremusic.com is the primary source (pdf and print) for the sheet music of composer/classical guitarist Frank Wallace and has the most up-to-date, extensive offerings of his solo and ensemble recordings (mp3s and CDs) on the web.  The site also showcases the singing, photography and design of mezzo-soprano Nancy Knowles, Wallace’s partner both in music (as the contemporary song ensemble Duo LiveOak) and in life.  Gyre is an artist-owned and operated enterprise guided by a passion for artistic integrity and freedom.  The artists themselves carry out all aspects of the production, from the composition of a musical work, to the audio engineering, mastering and design of CDs, as well as typesetting, photography, design and printing of the music publications.

Please download a Gyre Discography.

The Music
“Wallace’s writing reveals interests in early music, American folk music, and the blues, as well as a more contemporary language… [H]is harmony and counterpoint bring out some of the richest sonorities that the guitar has to offer… a brilliant collection of new repertoire performed by its composer, who happens to play with equal amounts of grace, sensitivity, and virtuosity.”
–Stephen Griesgraber, Guitar Review

The Editions
“In addition to the wonderful music contained on these pages is the beautiful physical presentation that comes from GYRE. An original piece of artwork, often a photograph from Wallace’s wife Nancy Knowles, graces each cover, the music is well-organized, it is easy to read, and contains plenty of essential left hand fingerings.”  –David Isaacs, Soundboard

The Recordings
“elegant virtuosity and Gyre’s gorgeous sonics”  –Jed Distler, classicstoday.com
“Gyre Music provides a flawless recording with acoustics that are both clean and warm.” –Carol Swanson, christmasreviews.com


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